Weird Word Day is Book Four in the weirdly wonderful series, Let’s GO!

Book four's guest starts are a SURPRISE! Today is the MOST exciting day of the year in Juneberry Square! It's annual Weird Word Day. Booker T. Bear and Dahlya Dragonfly help to transform the park into a party, with bright banners and balloons. The Juneberry Jazz band and food and fun vendors are setting up, and the day’s proceeds will help Juneberry Square help an EN-DAN-GERED species.


Dahlya is most excited about the Weird Word Contest. PRO-FES-SION-AL weird word lovers were invited to CON-TEND. The contest winner gets to choose which endangered species will receive care from the citizens of Juneberry Square and their special guests. Not only that, the winner gets to take the collected supplies to the species home! What a surprise that will be for the UN-SUS-PECT-ING creature in need! What no one knows, though—not even Dahlya—is that Booker has a SECRET PLAN that will stun everyone!


What secret is Booker carrying? Which endangered creature will the winner choose? Does the creature live nearby or far across the globe? More importantly, who will be this year's Weird Word Contest winner?


Weird Word Day is full of fun and SURPRISES, right up to the very end when Dahlya sums up the adventure with a BRAND NEW WORD that’s never before been seen or heard!


Join Booker, Dahlya, the citizens of Juneberry Square, and their professional guests for this extraordinary Weird Word Day.

Book Four . . .

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