Creature Features is Book Three in the SESQUIPEDALIAN-packed series, Let’s GO!

Book Three . . .

Book three's guest stars are a SURPRISE! Booker T. Bear of Juneberry Square has planned mys-te-ri-ous surprises for Dahlya Dragonfly’s birthday. The two best friends begin by playing her favorite guessing game: Creature Features. Booker’s clues keep her, Grandmop, and Grandpop stumped and surprised. Dahlya is impressed and thrilled with each of Booker’s SES-QUI-PE-DA-LIAN clues: huge weird words that she LOVES to chew.


But not long into the game, a PESKY PEST appears, distracting them from the clues. The chase is on! This unexpected adventure sends Booker, Dahlya, and the pest whizzing around the bear den, and Booker DE-TER-MINED to make a trap.


All the while, Booker manages to continue feeding Creature Features clues to Dahlya, using her favorite treat: enormous words. As Dahlya delightfully munches on each crunchy clue, she sketches the clue on paper, and considers what real-life creature has three legs and a POW-ER-FUL be-hind. Using Booker’s top ten clues, Dahlya completes her drawing and gives him her best guess. To her surprise Booker says, “No, sorry . . . . You'll need more clues.” Suddenly, Dahlya gets a SPLEN-DID notion: “Let’s GO to where your mysterious creature lives!”


With that grand idea, Booker puts on his Jet-Away jacket and shouts out the magic verse that transports the two friends to a surprise destination. What mysterious creatures with strange features will they find? Dahlya’s birthday proves to hold more surprises than Booker had planned or either friend could have imagined! Join the mysterious birthday journey that ends with the WEIRDEST birthday treat ever!

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