While it’s GREAT fun to sip Juneberry Swirl Punch and watch bright STICKIES wave from a spinning globe, Booker T. Bear and his best friend, Dahlya Dragonfly, quickly become very bored.


In this second adventure, Booker again puts on his Jet-Away jacket and says the magic verse that transports the two friends to a SPEC-TAC-U-LAR location: a tropical mountain rainforest. There they open their eyes to a village of 30 BROB-DING-NAG-I-AN beasts, led by a powerfully proud and commanding king—until his very cute and infectiously funny young daughter swings in.


Amara is ready for a JUNGLE PARTY in honor of their two SUR-PRIs-ING guests: Booker and Dahlya. But will her silly AN-TICS and pleading to her “Poppie” save the day? Will the mighty King Moyo welcome their guests to stay and play?


Bright-eyed and precocious, Amara excitedly sings out an invitation to all the creatures near and far—“from biggest and tallest to shortest and smallest . . . . “ Booker and Dahlya wonder what creatures will be brave enough to join them at the fierce king’s table, and what will become of them all.


What began as a VERY boring day at the Bear Family den becomes a WON-DROUS-LY wild jungle adventure with new friends. Booker and Dahlya invite you to come along, from Juneberry Square to a WILD place far beyond.

A Hap-hap-py Day is Book Two in the wildly adventurous read-to-me series, Let’s GO! by Jen Jellyfish, M.M. Illustrations by Kurt Keller and Traci Van Wagoner

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