ADVENTUROUS [AD-VEN-TUR-OUS] — from the word "adventure," meaning an exciting experience or activity. Booker T. Bear and his best friend, Dahlya Dragonfly love every kind of adventure, especially traveling around the globe, wherever their imaginations and Booker's magic Jet-Away jacket take them. (1, 2, 3, 4)


ANTICS [an-tics] — funny, silly behavior. Booker and Dahlya get lots of laughs from Magpie's antics, but they'd never before seen such amazing antics that their new friend Amara performed in the rain forest. (2)


APPLAUSE [ap-plause] — clapping in appreciation or congratulations for effort, skill, or honor. (4)


ASTOUNDING [as-tound-ing] — amazing, surprising, breathtaking. Booker and Dahlya's adventures always lead them to astounding discoveries. (4)



    1. a yuuumy nut and honey snack created by Grandmop and Grandpop Bear, owners of the Bee-Nutty Shop in Juneberry Square.

    2. to "bee nutty" is to be silly; having nutty fun. (1, 2, 3, 4)


bop — short for bebop, a type of jazz music that began in the 1940s. Bebop is fun to dance to! Just ask all those who attended Juneberry Square's annual Weird Word Day. (4)


BROBDINGNAGIAN [Brob-ding-nag-i-an] — giant in size, like Moyo the silverback gorilla. The word was created by John Swift as the name of an imaginary island in his classic, famous novel Gulliver's Travels. (2)


canorous [ca-no-rous] — pleasant sounding. Whatever you like to hear, like your favorite music, is canorous to you. (4)


CENTURIES [CEN-TUR-IES] — from the word "century" which means 100 years. The old 'Magination Maker (Booker's ancient relative) created the magic Jet-Away jacket that is now over 100 centuries old! That means that his jacket is over ten thousand (10,000) years old! Whoa! (1)


CITIZENS [cit-i-zens] — members of a town, community, city, or region. The Bear family, Dahlya Dragonfly, Mayor Malarkey, and all the other townsfolk are citizens of Juneberry Square. (4)


CONTEND [con-tend] — to try to win; compete. Professional weird word lovers contended in Juneberry Square's annual Weird Word Contest. (4)


CONTINENT [CON-TI-NENT] — a large landmass that can be seen on a globe. Booker has memorized the names of all seven (7) continents on his globe. Can you name them too? They are: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Booker wants to visit every continent and explore their countries, cities, and unique cultures. And he wants to take LOTS of photos to glue into his Travel Journal. He writes in his journal about everything he discovers and experiences on each continent. (2)


CRICKET a bat and ball game similar to American baseball. Cricket is a popular sport in Australia and any other countries. (3)


degust [de-gust] — to taste something carefully, paying attention to its flavor and feel (texture). You are more likely to degust the foods and beverages you like the most. Booker degusts most anything sweet and Dahlya degusts words! (4)


Delizioso [De-li-zi-o-so] — an Italian word that means delicious; yuuummy! Dahlya finds every weird word to be delizioso and the townsfolk of Juneberry Square prefer delizioso Bee-Nutty Snacks! (1)


DETERMINED [de-ter-mined] — to make a decision and not change your mind; to set your mind to accomplish something. Booker was determined to make a fly trap. (3)


dolichocephalic [dol-i-cho-ce-phal-ic] — having a long head, such as kangaroos, horses, and many dogs. (3)


dolichopodous [dol-i-chop-o-dous] — having a long foot, such as kangaroos, rabbits, and ostriches. (3)


drosophila [dro-soph-i-la] — a fly, like the pesky but pretty fruit fly that invaded the bear den. (3)


eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious [eel-lo-go-fu-sciou-hip-op-po-kun-ur-ious] — very good! When you’ve worked hard at something, you’ve done an eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious job! (3)


ECSTATICALLY [EC-STAT-I-CAL-LY] — from the word "ecstatic" which means super excited! Booker is ecstatic about adventuring and eating sweets. Dahlya is ecstatic about finding long, juicy words to eat. Grandmop and Grandpop are always ecstatic to see Booker and Dahlya ecstatic. Magpie is ecstatic when she finds something to carry off and hide, and ecstatic about any food, even Grandpop's Grub Stew—ewww!—and any bone to chew. (1)


endangered species [en-dan-gered spe-cies] — animals (and plants) that have so few members that they are in danger of no longer being part of our world, like sea otters. (4)


ENTOMOLOGY [en-to-mol-o-gy] — the scientific study of insects, like Dahlya Dragonfly! Entomology is a branch of zoology. Zoology is the study of the animal kingdom, which includes bears (like Booker, Grandpop, and Grandmop), and dogs (like Magpie). (1)


ERUPTED [E-RUPT-ED] — from the word "erupt" which means to explode, to be ejected. Fire and lava erupted from Mt. Etna, a volcano in Sicily, Italy. The eruption caused Dahlya to scream "EEEEEH!" and she and Booker quickly looked for cover. (1)


EXOTIC [ex-ot-ic] — very unusual. For example, Dahlya’s wings are exotic and she has an exotic (unusual) appetite: weird words! And it would be exotic for Moyo, the silverback mountain gorilla, to show up at your front door. Yikes! (2)


EXPERTLY [ex-pert-ly] — from the word "expert" which means to do something very well, with great skill; ability. Booker is an expert on facts about geography and an expert at spinning his globe. Dahlya is a weird word expert and an expert at spinning on her toes. Grandpop is an expert on world travel and Grandmop is an expert on nuts, seeds, honey, and nutrition. She and Grandpop are also experts at running their business, The Bee-Nutty Shop, and creating "scrumptious" Bee-Nutty Snacks. (2)


FANTASTICAL [FAN-TAS-TI-CAL] — a "slang" word having to do with fantastic imagination. Booker and Dahlya find themselves in fantastical adventures of every kind! (1, 4)


FASCINATED [FAS-CI-NAT-ED] — from the word "fascinate" which means great interest in something. Booker is fascinated with his globe and Dahlya is fascinated with long, juicy words and their definitions. That's why she has created Dahlya's Dictionary of Wondrously Wonderful Weird Words. (1)


FEAT a bold, skillful act, like jumping 30 feet in one leap. (3)


GENEROUS [GEN-ER-OUS] giving your time and resources above and beyond what is needed or expected. Grandmop and Grandpop are very generous with their time and Bee-Nutty Snacks for the betterment of Juneberry Square and those in need around the globe. Booker and Dahlya are generous with their time in helping others, and for each other as best friends. Booker is generous in sharing Bee-Nutty Snacks wherever he goes, and Dahlya is generous in sharing her wealth of amazing knowledge. (4)


Geography [Ge-og-ra-phy] — the scientific study of Earth's surface, especially its physical features and how they are changing: landmasses of mountains, valleys, plains, forests, and deserts, and the earth's oceans and countless other waterways. Geographers are those who study the physical nature of Earth. They are also "fascinated" with how people and creatures affect the earth and its atmosphere, and how the earth's surfaces affect people and creatures. (1)


GINORMOUS [GI-NOR-MOUS] — "extraordinarily" huge; very, very big. Volcanoes are ginormous and so is the stack of foods that the citizens of Juneberry Square collect for endangered creatures. The oceans are ginormous and so are some landmasses. (4)


HAP-HAPPY [hap-hap-py] — extra happy. Booker and Dahlya have quickly learned that a little imagination can turn a boring day into the most hap-happy day. (2)


harvesting [har-vest-ing] — from the word "harvest," means to gather food from its growing place. Bees harvest nectar and pollen from flowers, like juneberry blossoms, to make their honey; and the Bear family harvests honey from honeycombs. Farmers harvest fruits, vegetables, and grains that eventually end up on your plate! (2)


HILARIOUS [hi-lar-i-ous] — extremely funny. Annual Weird Word Day in Juneberry Square had hilarious moments. Booker and Dahlya have hilarious moments in each travel adventures around the globe, and also at home. Can you remember a hilarious moment in your life? (4)


homonym [hom-o-nym] — two or more words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings: bear (hold, carry, or wear something) and the animal bear; tree bark and a dog’s bark; baseball bat and the animal bat; a set of cards and to set something down. Can you think of other true homonyms? (4)


IDENTICAL [I-DEN-TI-CAL] exactly the same. Grandpop and his brother (Booker's great-uncle Ben) are identical twins. They look exactly like each other. What objects can you think of that are identical? Look at home and in your classroom. (1)


inverted [in-vert-ed] — upside down or in the opposite position. If you stand on your head, you’re inverted. Try it! (3)


JUNEBERRY [june-ber-ry] — a real berry from a real tree, also known as saskatoon [sas-ka-toon]. The brilliant white flowers of the juneberry tree have a strong sweet smell that attracts bees and other insects. The tree produces berries that look very similar to blueberries but taste different. Juneberries have the mixed taste of sweet, tart black cherries and Concord grapes, with a hint of almond flavor. The imaginary town of Juneberry Square is flourishing (growing rapidly and healthy) with beautiful juneberry trees. Have you tried the Juneberry Swirl Punch from Dahlya's Diner? You can print her recipe to make this yuuumy ice cream punch at home and school. (1, 2, 3, 4)


LAMINGTON [lam-ing-ton] — Australia's national cake, mate! Chocolate covered sponge cake squares. You can get this yuuumy recipe from Dahlya's Diner too. (3)


macropod [mac-ro-pod] — a plant-eating marsupial [mar-su-pi-al]: an animal with a pocket of skin on her belly in which she carries her babies. Marsupial macropods include kangaroos, wallabies, quokkas, and pademelons. (3)


magifantagical [mag-i-fan-tag-i-cal] — a word Dahlya created by combining “magic” and “fantastic,” pronounced maj-eh-fan-taj-eh-cal. Booker and Dahlya’s adventures are magifantagical. All of Juneberry Square says Bee-Nutty Snacks and Juneberry Swirl Punch are magifantagical—and easy to make! (4)


MAGNIFICENT [MAG-NIF-I-CENT] — beautiful, excellent, impressive. Juneberry trees in springtime are magnificent in their beauty. Booker has done a magnificent job writing all his adventures in his Travel Journal. Dahlya has magnificent wings and a magnificent memory. Magpie's fur is magnificent in its unique appearance. She's a "dread head" from nose to tail to toes. Grandmop and Grandpop have a magnificent shop in Juneberry Square. (1, 3)


Magpie [mag-pie] — a person or animal who collects anything they find, for no reason at all, whether a bone, a paper clip, a leaf . . . , or a Jet-Away jacket! That's why Booker's dog is named Magpie. (1, 2, 3, 4)


MIMICKED [mim-icked] — from the word "mimic" which means to do or say what you have seen or heard. Booker mimicked a gorilla face. When you repeat back to your friend everything he or she says, you are mimicking your friend. Sometimes brothers and sisters will mimic each other to be annoying. (2)


mulga [mul-ga] — a slow-growing tree with a very long lifespan: up to 400 years. (That’s a lot of birthdays!) Mulga trees are native to the outback of Australia. They prefer full sun and produce bright yellow flowers. (3)


NOMINATION [nom-i-na-tion] — choosing someone to be voted on to serve in a particular position, like the town council members, or to choose someone to be voted on to receive an honor for their service. (4)


nutrients [nu-tri-ents] — invisible things in food that are necessary for our bodies to grow and be healthy. (3)


pademelon [pad-e-mel-on] a small animal that looks like a mini, furry kangaroo. Pademelons, like the kangaroo is a marsupial that is usually found in forests, and one of the smallest macropods. (3)


PIAZZA [pi-Az-za] — an Italian term for an outside market or square where the public can go to eat, shop, picnic, and enjoy entertainment. If the Juneberry Square park were located it Italy, it could be called the "piazza." Booker and Dahlya enjoyed pizza at a piazza. (1)


plumeria [plu-me-ri-a] — a flower that smells spicy and sweet. Women of Sicily used to give plumeria to their daughters and granddaughters, after marriage, to decorate their new homes. (1)


poacher [poach-er] — a person who hunts and captures a creature that is protected by law. When a creature’s number of members becomes low, laws are made to protect them from poachers so their family number can grow and the creature will not become extinct. (4)


PREEN [preen] — to clean up, dress up, have good hygiene, and take pride in your achievements. Dahlya does a lot of preening of her wings and tiny red shoes. When you hear “preen” think “clean.” (1, 2, 3)


PRISSIEST [PRIS-SI-EST] from the word "prissy" which means prim and precise, and also very picky, in the way one takes care of him- or herself, putting a lot of time and effort into their appearance and cleanliness. Dahlya's constant preening makes her quite prissy. Whenever she preens Booker says, "Dahlya is the prissiest insect I've seen!" (1)


PROCEEDS [proceeds] money collected from givers to help people and creatures in need. The Bear family and "citizens" of Juneberry Square are dedicated to helping endangered species with the proceeds they collect on Weird Word Day. (4)


professional [pro-fes-sion-al] — one who has special training and uses that training in their work, like Professor Collie, or as their hobby, like all the weird word professionals who visited Juneberry Square on Weird Word Day. (4)


quokka [quok-ka] — a small wallaby found in swampy areas and islands of southwestern Australia. (3)


rainbow eucalyptus [eu-ca-lyp-tus] — a fast-growing tree with colorful bark that thrives in tropical rain forests. The rainbow eucalyptus is native to the Philippines and also flourishes in the Hawaiian Islands. (4)


RAVENOUSLY [RAV-EN-OUS-LY] from the word "ravenous" which means Very, very hungry. So hungry that you would eat Grandmop's roasted ants and Grandpop's Grub Stew with Magpie. (1)


scallion [scal-lion] — a small onion bulb with a long green stem. The bulb is commonly white, but there are also red scallions. Like all onions, scallions can taste hot! The Bear family had never heard of a red scallion until Booker and Dahlya took their first adventure across the globe, far from Juneberry Square. Have you experienced their first adventure? (1)


SCRUMPTIOUS [SCRUMP-TIOUS] tastes really good, mouthwatering, delizioso (delicious). Booker and Dahlya experience many different scrumptious foods as they jet around the globe from continent to continent, and even into the oceans and seas! (1)


sesquipedalian [ses-qui-pe-da-lian] — use of long words. Dahlya is known for her sesquipedalian speaking. She not only loves to say big, long, juicy words but also loves to eat them! (3)


SHAMBLES [sham-bles] — a huge, sometimes torn up, mess. When Booker goes a whole week without putting his things where they belong in the bear den, his room is in shambles! He doesn't like to live in a big mess, so Grandpop suggested that Booker practice putting his things where they belong as soon as he has finished using them, including putting his Jet-Away jacket on its brass hook. His special jacket has been known to go missing! (4, 1)


SILVERBACK [SILVER-BACK] — a male mountain gorilla. He’s one of the largest primates on Earth! The silverback often grows twice the size of a female mountain gorilla. So if you put two female gorillas together, they could equal the size of one silverback. He could be described as "Brobdingnagian." (2)


slang — informal, casual words like “spiffy” which is the Australian slang for “great!” Most people around the globe use slang. Here is slang you may use: “wanna” for want to and “gonna” for going to. (2)


SPECTACULAR [spec-tac-u-lar] — beautiful and eye-catching in a dramatic way, like juneberry blossoms and Dahlya’s spectacular wings! What have you seen or heard that is spectacular to you? (2)


SPLENDID [splen-did] — wonderful, awesome, great. Booker did a splendid job making a fly trap! Juneberry Square is a splendid place to spend time and exercise your imagination. (3)


STICKIES [STICK-IES] — strips of paper with sticky backs that Booker sticks on his globe at every location (place) he wants to go. (1,2, 3, 4)


STUPENDOUS [STU-PEN-DOUS] — more than "magnificent;" very, very impressive. Booker would say that Dahlya's knowledge of weird words and their meanings are stupendous! Booker would also say that his Grandmop's Bee-Nutty Snacks and his Grandpop's adventures are stupendous. What have you experienced that is stupendous to you? (1)


SUSPICIOUSLY [SUS-PI-CIOUS-LY] from the word "suspicious" which means having caution or distrust toward someone, something, or a situation.  Endangered animals are suspicious of people (especially "poachers") and predators, those who do harm to them. When you see huge storm clouds forming, perhaps you become suspicious that it's going to rain or snow. Can you think of a time when you were suspicious about something or someone? Maybe your homework disappeared and you were suspicious that your alligator carried it off. (4)


tellurian [tel-lu-ri-an] — any person or creature on Earth; an earth dweller. That's YOU! (4)


THUNDEROUSLY [THUN-DER-OUS-LY] — from the word "thunder." Thunderous means very loud and powerful: thunder rolling across the sky, volcanoes erupting, gorillas roaring, and the old 'Magination Maker's wisdom that continues to be heard from one generation to the next. (1, 2, 4)


town council [coun-cil] — a group of town "citizens," led by a mayor, who works together to provide safety, other services, and special events, for the betterment of their town. Do you know who serves on your town's council? (4)


tullibee [Tul-li-bee] — a freshwater whitefish, also known as a cisco, found in central and northern North America. Grandmop and Grandpop make scrumptious Tullibee wraps. Many people enjoy smoked Tullibee. Have you ever eaten Tullibee? (4)


UNANIMOUS [u-nan-i-mous] — everyone agrees. All of Juneberry Square is unanimous in their "determination" to take good care of their town, our world, and all those in need. It's also a unanimous belief among the citizens that Bee-Nutty Snacks and Juneberry Swirl Punch are the yuuumiest treats! (4)


UNUSUAL [UN-U-SU-AL] — not common or ordinary; rare, different, surprising. Booker and Dahlya were quite surprised by the unusual life-form they met during their first adventure across the globe. What have you seen or heard that is unusual? (1)


Vegetation [veg-e-ta-tion] — plants, or all the plants in a particular area, like the rain forest or your vegetable garden. Creatures that only eat vegetation are called herbivores. People who only eat vegetation are called vegetarians. What vegetation can you find near your home, school, or park? Do you know which animals are herbivores? (2)


WONDROUSLY [WON-DROUS-LY] — from the word "wondrous," meaning amazing, delightful. Booker's adventures are not only wondrous but sometimes wondrously WILD. (2)

Dahlya's Dictionary of Wondrously Wonderful Weird Words

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